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Campbell House

Campbell House, Eighth Ave.



  We have a tour brochure showing all of the known Antibellum (pre-Civil War) Homes in St. Albans. (7).

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  Here is a list of the homes we have had on our annual Christmas      
   Historic Homes Tour over the years.   (Click Here)

   Here is a list of St. Albans historic homes and properties listed on the National Register  (Click here)

- 2022 St. Albans Christmas Historic Homes Tour - The Annual Christmas Historic Homes Tour for 2022 will be December  10, 5-8 pm . Visit the St. Albans Historical Society Facebook page for more details.

  If you would like to see a map of over 45 Historic Sites in St. Albans....its easy. There is an app called "The Clio" that you download to your phone or tabet. It shows a map, photo, history and some have historic videos of these sites.  Or go to :

Here is the list of St. Albans Historical Properties on

St. Albans Archaeological site
Morgan's kitchen
Ordnance Park War monuments
Chuck Yeager Memorial rocket
Saint Albans Roadside Park monuments
St Albans Nitro Bridge
Ordnance Park
Hansford Elementary School
Bangor Cemetery
McKinley Middle School
Saint Francis Catholic School
St Albans First Presbyterian Church
Historic Eighth Avenue
Colonial Hotel
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Bank of Saint Albans and City Hall
St Albans Fire Bell
Alban Theater
Mohler House
St. Albans Main Street Historic District
Shelton College
Chilton house
Coalsmouth Covered Bridge
St. Paul Baptist Church
Carter Woodson School / American Legion Hall
College Hill Cemetery
St. Albans Water Plant
College Hill Railroad Tunnel
Coal River Lockmaster’s House
Ravenswood House
St. Albans Junior High
St. Albans C&O Depot
St. Albans Library
The Beeches House
Central School
Post Office
First Baptist Church
Teay’s Hill Cemetery
Ft. Tackett
Camp Tompkins
Rome Pickens Grist Mill
Coal River Beach
Battle of Scary Creek
Coal River Locks and Dams
Sattes Mill (Lower Falls)

volcoulon mansion

Valcoulon Mansion was built in 1829 by Col. John Lewis on land near where Ft. Tackett was located. This was called Camp Tompkins and used by the Confederates during the nearby Battle of Scary Creek in 1861.

The magnificiant house was razed in 1916 to make way for the Rossler & Hasslacher Chemical Company for wartime chemical production. Later... the site of the Valley Drive-in and now 84 Lumber.