St. Albans Historical Society, WV
Since 1972

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St. Albans History Heroes: These historians from St. Albans have been recognized by the WV Department of Culture and History for their efforts in preserving and sharing our local history.


From St. Albans Historical Society

1997   William “Bill” Wintz

2000   Carol Graley

2001   William “Bill” Williams

2002   Barbara Bacon

2003   Pauline Morgan

2004   Neil Richardson

2006   Margaret Williams

2007  Margaret Bassitt

2008  Bettie Burdette

2009  Bill Dean

2010  Ellen Mills-Pauley

2012  Richard Milam

2013  Marion Moir

2014  Jack “Bo” McClure

2015  Kevin Bragg

2016  Patty Swango

2019  Denise Cyrus