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National Register Properties in St. Albans

Main St. 1960

St. Albans Main St. - 1960's

St. Albans National Register Properties 

Entered on the National Register in (   ) 

The newest site in St. Albans to be placed on the National Register is the "St. Albans Industrial Railroad Historic District " from the 3rd. St. underpass to the old Lantz Lumber. (March 2021)


1. St. Albans Archaeological Site (1974)       


   2.  St. Marks Episcopal Church c. 1847 (1977) 


3.  Chilton House c.1857 (1977) Chilton House



4.  Skinner House/The Beeches/former St. Albans Woman’s Club  c.1874 (1979)

(currently residence to Charles Smith) 


5. Mohler House c.1900 (1983)  Mohler House


 City Hall 


6.  Bank of St. Albans/St. Albans City Hall c.1907       (1988)


7. St. Albans Post Office/Chapman Technical c.1937 (1994)

Post Office


 Depot 8. St. Albans C&O Depot c.1907 (1997)


9.  Coal River Locks and Dams, Lockmasters House # 1 & Log Booms c.1855 (1997) 

                              Coal River Log Booms      Lockmasters House 

 St. Paul Baptist    

10. St. Paul’s Baptist Church  c.1921 (1998)

 11. Main Street Historic District (28 bldgs.) (2000) 


 Weimer House 12. James Weimer / Dolin House c. 1917 (2004)

13. St. Albans Railroad Industry Historic District  (29 bldgs.) (2021). 


W E Mohler House - 1911

W. E. Mohler House (ca. 1900) - Note the man cutting grass bottom center and man on bicycle bottom right.