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Membership & Officers

Historical Picnic  2010.

L-R: Ellen Pauley, Glade Little, Margaret Bassitt (sitting), Ion Moir, Jeff Bourne, Bill Dean, Grace McMilliam, Marion Moir (2005)

  •  Officers for 2022:

Denise Cyrus - President    (304)  206-1974 (2022-2024) 

Ellen Mills Pauley - Vice President  (304) 989-4332 (2022-2024)

Patty Swango  - Vice President Fund-Raising & Special Events (304) 727-3293 (2022-2024)

Linda Costalow - Secretary  (2022)

Vickie Harrison - Treasurer   (304) 610-8382  (2022-2024)


  •  RECEIVE THE SOCIETY’S TWO NEWSLETTERS EACH YEAR (Society News, Historical Stories in Each Issue, Upcoming Events of the Society)


  •  TAKE THE “ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TOUR” FREE IN DECEMBER OF EACH YEAR (Tour the 4 - 6 historical properties on the in-house tour)



  The St. Albans Historical Society helps to preserve St. Albans artifacts, historical properties and documents. They have helped to place numerous properties and the Main St. Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places. 

And :

  Helps to educate the community and school children about the area’s history by giving regular tours of historic Morgan’s Hitchen and the St. Albans Society Building and other tours. (the group has four meetings each year with programs about local history plus a summer picnic)


  Regularly gives grant money to local structures and properties for their preservation (The C&O Depot, The Beeches/Woman's Club, Old City Hall, Teay’s Hill Cemetery, The Coal River Group) and funding other historical projects (erection of historic roadside marker, publication of several historical books, reproducing vintage photos, and making a “The History of St. Albans" Video for distribution to local schools and general distribution.

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St. Albans Historical Society Application

(you can print and mail to: St. Albans Historical Society, 404, Forth Ave., St. Albans, WV 25177)

    Membership in the St. Albans Historical Society is open to all who have an interest in the history of  St. Albans, WV,  and the Kanawha Valley, its preservation and perpetuation. Due are payable January 1 each year, or at the first regular meeting in February of each year. Membership allows you to vote for the officers and other financial or decision-making business and to receive a newsletter three times a year.

Annual dues are:   

  _____  $10.00 Individual            ______  $15.00 Family

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 Mailing Address:  ______________________________________

 City:  _____________________  State:  __________ Zip:  ________

 Telephone:  ________________   

E-Mail:  __________________________

Mail to: St. Albans Historical Society, 404 Fourth Ave.,

St. Albans, WV 25177


Past St. Albans Historical Society Programs:

2007 Programs

- Editing old Photos – David Bryant   (Feb)

- Main St. National Register & Renaissance Group Info & slides - Neil Richardson (April)

- Picnic/Election at City Park (V. Pres & Secretary) (June

- Three Historic Homes in WV - video – Ellen Mills-Pauley (Nov.)


2008 Programs

- “Super Marine” – Ken Heckler   (Feb)

- Archives and History Review – Fred Armstrong   (April)

- Chief Logan re-enactment by Dan Cultler  (Sept.)

- John Morgan Interview – Ellen Pauley  (Nov.)


2009 Programs

- History Book info of books written by Bill Dean and Margaret Bassett  (April)

- St. Albans National Register of Historic Places homes – Neil Richardson (Sept.)

- Teays Hill Cemetery – Marion Moir   (Nov.)


2010 Programs             

- Archives and History data available  - Joe Geiger, Director  (Feb.)

- “WV Encyclopedia” report by Ken Sullivan, WV Humanities Council Director – (April)

- Coal River Group Report -Bill Currey   (Sept.)

- John P. Hale re-enactment – Bob Weiford (Nov.)

2011 Programs             

- Being a P.O.W. during WWII - Don Shearer  (Feb.)

- "Show & Tell" (April)

St. Albans Nitro Bridge presentation - Rich Hivley   (Sept.)

-  The Civil War Soldier – Matt Crouch  (Nov.)

2012 Programs  

-  Researching the Civil War Soldier – Greg Carroll, WV Archives  (Feb.)

-   “Buckskin Boy” Boy Scouts in the Kanawha Valley – Joe Wyatt (April)

-  "The Great Kanawha River" video  (Sept.)

-  "Early Musical Instruments" Joe Dobbs (Nov.)

2013 Programs

- "Malden Salt Works - Larry Rowe  (Feb.)

- "Wren's Nest Restaurant" history  (April)

- Rosie the Riveter, W. D. Wood   (Sept.)

- General Meeting- no program  (Nov.)

2014 Programs

- "Aerial photos of new St. Albans-Nitro Bridge", Tim Butler (Feb.)

-  Slides of St. Albans national Register Homes - Neil Richardson (April

-   St. Albans Sketches  - Retired Architect Bob Wilson (Sept.)

"Virginian Rubber Company" slides – Neil Richardson  (Nov.)

2015 Programs

  • "Dickinson Salt Works", Lewis Payne (Feb.)
  • Coal River Group and their projects (at their building)  - Bill Curry – (April)

  • Early St. Albans Schools  - Neil Richardson – (September)

  • Early St. Albans Churches  - Neil Richardson – (November)

2016 Programs

  •  Early Black Schools in St. Albans", Cubert Smith (Feb.)
  • “Show & Tell” by members   (April)

  • Society Picnic  (June)

  • "Where were you on 911?" (September)
  • "John P. Hale" presentation by Bob Weiford (November)

2017 Programs

  •  Early Area Trails, Doug Wood -  (Feb.)
  • “Craik-Patton House” history - Paul Zuros, director -  (April)

  • Society Picnic (June)

  • “Ft. Scammon Archaeological dig” – Dr. Billy Jo Peyton  - (September)

  • “WWII Experiences” – Marine Cpl. Walter Filipeck – (November)

2018 Programs

  • “WV Covered Bridges” – Roger Rasmussen – (Feb.)
  • “Carter G. Woodson” – Burnis Morris – (April)
  • “South Charleston naval Ordnance Plant” – Kyle Warmack - (September)
  • Nitro WWI Museum - Carman Kostelansky - (November)

2019 Programs

  • “Growing up Black in St. Albans" St. Pauls Baptist members – (Feb.)
  • "Beginning Geneology" - Rebecca Goodwin – (April)
  • “WV Encyclopedia” – Michael Keller  - (September)

  • “Veteran’s Day Appreciation”  - 4 veterans shared  – (November)

2020 Programs

  • “Battle of Hurricane Creek – Philip Hatfield  - (Feb.)

                        Remaining 2020 Programs were canceled due to COVID 19

2021 Programs

  • St. Albans 1884 Lynching – Denise Cyrus – (April)
  • Civil War Cpt. John Young – Philip Hatfield  - (September)
  • Show & Tell – (November)

2022 Programs

  • Mohler House – Neil Richardson, Denise Cyrus, Ellen Mills-Pauley - (February)
  • Famous (and Infamous) Women of St. Albans – Denise Cyrus, Ellen Mills-Pauley – (April)   (Marjory Kenna, Keziah Tackett, Virginia Hansford)
  • Coal River History - Denise Cyrus and Steve Sidebottom (September)
  • Thank you to Veterans (November)