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Virginian Rubber Company

ca. 1920-1924.   Located on the site of present day Morgan’s Kitchen.

n      Built in 1920 on 41 acres of land along the Kanawha River across from the present Ordnance Park (ca. 1941) ... and before MacCorkle Ave. (late 1940’s).

n      Located on the site of present day Morgan’s Kitchen.

n      In old photos... it appears to be a two story concrete or brick structure.

n      Manufactured ‘Virginian’ tires, tubes, toy balloons, balls, and rubber dolls.

n      Railroad spurs lead to C&O railroad. Grade is still visible at tennis courts.

n      Probably ... much more conc. still covered with earth at this site..

n      Employed several hundred employees.

n      Destroyed by fire on January 13, 1924.

n      Damage estimate was $500,000.

n      The plant never opened back up.

n      Old Land description lists Willow Street  & Cleveland Ave. Willow St. ran to the river

    and Cleveland ran parallel to the railroad tracks....both were dirt.


virginia rubber map

(Above) Drawing from late 1920's

virginian rubber

Concrete still present.

                  (Above) Two Story concrete (or brick) building being built.

Virginian Rubber RR grade

Rail Road Siding (left raised area) going to the site.

Located at playground at Ordnance Park