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Some St. Albans Schools over the years ......

Warth School 1917

          Warth Elementary School ca. 1870 (far right) in 1917. later the site of Highlawn Elementary.

Highlawn Elem 1930's

Highlawn Elementary (left)

Highlawn Elem
Highlawn Elem 2003

Highlawn Elementary (above) -  (1920-2002) Built on land donated by Judge J. A. Warth, it replaced the frame Warth School on Kanawha Terrace and Walnut St.. Added onto in later years and demolished in 2005.

McKinley Jr High-1940's

                    McKinley Middle School (1940's) - Built in 1932 as a school for black students

                                 (Stop 16  School & then Carter Woodson Jr. High)

                                   (Renamed McKinley during integration in 1954)

Fairview Elem

               Fairview Elementary (1926-2002) Still standing...though in sad condition in 2015

Shawkey Elem.

                   Shawkey Elementary - Built in 1961 and later used a a Special Education school.

                                                       Closed in the late 1990.


Parkway Elem 1960



Parkway Elementary - Constructed in 1940 as the

Ordnance Park Community Building,

It opened as Ordnance Park Elementary School in 1946

and the name was change to Parkway in 1953. Closed in 1989.

Central School

Central School - Built in 1900 and

a second building added 1911.

One used for Elementary and one for

High School. Closed in the 1962 when

the new Central Elementary opened nearby..

Demolished a few years later.

Present site of Rite-Aid.

Shelton College 1876





Shelton College Now

                   Shelton College (ABOVE) - Built in 1871, it was not a financial success and closed in 1888.

                      It opened briefly as the Latin Girls School around 1900. Now a fine home.

St. Francis School

                                         St. Francis Catholic School (ca. 1927) in 1960's (now kindergarten-7th grade)

High School 1960

                                               St. Albans High School (1960).

St Albans Class 32

            St. Albans Class of 1932 outside the former High School...later the St. Albans Jr. High.

Hansford Elementary

Hansford Elementary (1940's) - built in 1919 and demolished (partially) in 1980's.

A portion was retained and is now used as a senior citizens center.

Street car tracks used to run by the far right pole..removed in late 1930' Washington Ave.

Carter G. Woodson School

Carter G. Woodson Elementary School -  (now American Legion Building) (ca. 1912) A school for the local Negro students in town, it closed in 1932 when a new Jr. High was built across town. It was also named Carter G. Woodson School for awhile (now McKinley Middle School). The American Legion bought this masonry building and still uses it today.

Located at the site of the High Schho and mvoed in 1950's (Rosedale)(now demolished 2015)

Nash School for Young Men, formerly at Bangor Church (1945) and moved to Main St. in mid 1800's

Town Hall School (Swamp College) – Built in 1867 where the 1st Baptist church is now. Called Town Hall School because the town council used it and also known as “Swamp College” by some because a nearby stream called Ram’s Horn flowed nearby.