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Historic Homes Tour information

Campbell House

Campbell House, Eighth Ave.



  We have a tour brochure showing all of the known Antibellum (pre-Civil War) Homes in St. Albans. (7).

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  Here is a list of the homes we have had on our annual Christmas      
   Historic Homes Tour over the years.   (Click Here)

   Here is a list of St. Albans historic homes and properties listed on the National Register    (Click here)

2018 St. Albans Christmas Historic Homes Tour: 

   The 26th Annual Christmas Historic Homes Tour in 2018 will be on Saturday, December 8 from 6-9 pm.. Several historical homes will be open for the tour as well as the C&O Depot. A shuttle will take visitors to the various properties and made a continuous loop.  
The tour begans at the St. Albans Historical Society building at 404 Fourth Ave., adjacent to the C&O Depot. (38.387826,-81.832674)
   All of the properties will feature Christmas decorations and refreshments. Tickets are $10.00 for adults and students and children are free. Tickets are available at the St. Albans Historical Society building the night of the tour only beginning at 6:00 pm.

volcoulon mansion

Valcoulon Mansion was built in 1829 by Col. John Lewis on land near where Ft. Tackett was located. This was called Camp Tompkins and used by the Confederates during the nearby Battle of Scary Creek in 1861.

The magnificiant house was razed in 1916 to make way for the Rossler & Hasslacher Chemical Company for wartime chemical production. Later... the site of the Valley Drive-in and now 84 Lumber.